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Infant & Toddler Care 


Infant Childcare

Ages 6 weeks to 15 months

With low child-to-teacher ratios, our Infant Room is designed to give your child the individual attention they need at this crucial stage in development.

Our Learning Beyond Paper curriculum also starts here with our littlest learners! Teachers will introduce activities in the areas of Physical Development, Early Language & Literacy, STEAM, and Music and Movement. Curriculum activities are custom-tailored to your child's stage of development. 

Our teachers have been trained in Infant CPR and First Aid, Child Abuse & Neglect Identification, and Communicable Disease Prevention. With a commitment to safety and a desire to build meaningful bonds with their students, our Infant Room teachers are top notch!



Toddler Childcare

Wobblers 1 - 15 months to 22 months
Wobblers 2 - 22 months to 30 months

Our Wobblers 1 & 2 classrooms are designed to introduce toddlers to new independence-building concepts like eating with utensils, throwing away thier own garbage, caring for their belongings. Our teachers follow the Learning Beyond Paper curriculum, focusing on areas of Physical Development, Music & Movement, STEAM, and Early Language & Literacy.

Since our Wobbler rooms operate on low student-to-teacher ratios, similar to our Infant Room, your child will receive personalized and meaningful childcare that is centered around meeting important developmental milestones.

Children are moved from Wobblers 1 to Wobblers 2 at a pace that is comfortable and/or realistic for both the child and their teachers. 22 months is merely an average. Children move up from Wobblers 2 to Junior Preschool when they are at least 30 months old, can safely go up and down the stairs, and are showing interest in potty training. A plan for transition at each stage will be discussed with the family before any move.

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